About us

SPOT : Mission & Objectives

SPOT has been created to help people understand and enjoy solar energy through creative activities and projects. Our first objective is to promote solar energy as a clean way to produce electricity. Solar energy is a renewable alternative to the traditional combustion of fossil fuels causing air pollution and eventually global warming.

To illustrate the beauty of this technology we are presenting original inventions, creative designs and artistic projects which are using solar energy. The Spotlights section showcases various creative projects by inventors, designers and artists using photovoltaic material and the energy of the sun.  These creators have produced these projects independently from SPOT, but they are considered worth promoting and as an interesting step for the creative use of solar energy.

As we have chosen to inform the general public about the benefits of using photovoltaic solar panels, we have included the Solar energy outlook section : it is a simple explanation of different aspects of this technology and the way it can be used to create a new energy system by combining it with other renewable technologies.

We believe that the use of solar energy can be fun, useful and beautiful!

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