Charles Hieronymi
The need to create Spot came to Charles after his participation in the organization of a ministerial conference for the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment. His research experience in the field of energy and his work as a creative director puts him at the edge between technologies and artistic creativity. He is convinced that an aesthetic and seductive vision of communication about renewable energies is more important than an alarmist vision.
Jennifer Herger
After managing projects in communication agencies, Jennifer joined Charles in the SPOT adventure. Her creative personality and her multitasks skills allow her to refine the strategy of the association, to act on the conceptualization of actions and events, and on the artistic direction of the project. She believes that the first step towards ecological development lies in changing attitudes and education.
Jeremy Obriot
Graphic Design
Jérémy is a graphic designer and artistic director, having worked on his behalf and at within communication agencies. He is passionate about image and is able to juggle photography, graphic design and the new digital technologies of the internet. His interest in the development of renewable energies pushes him to follow in the development of these technologies.
Yuji Kimura
Yuji is a specialist in management and economics issues. He has managed projects successfully in Japan, Switzerland and France. His international experience is helpful in shaping the horizons of the SPOT project. His knowledge in new blockchain technologies opens up a vision of possible changes in the world of exchanges and future software development.