Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

Waterglass projects

Waterglass Solar Project Harbourfront

“Waterglass” is a world first for integrating art glass and photovoltaics with heat mirror technology, bringing it to the highest insulation values possible for glass. Architectural glass designer Sarah Hall collaborated with Canadian engineers plus German and Austrian glass fabricators to create this project. SPOT, Sarah Hall SPOT_sarah-hall_post-waterglass-2 SPOT_sarah-hall_post-waterglass-3 SPOT, Sarah Hall SPOT, Sarah Hall

Lux Gloria Saskatoon, Canada

“Lux Gloria” (Light of Glory) is a landmark installation of three monumental south-facing windows that grace the upper façade of the new Catholic Cathedral in Saskatoon, Canada.SPOT, Sarah Hall SPOT, Sarah Hall SPOT, Sarah Hall

Glass Valley School

The “Science of Light” installation in the main stairwell of the school merges the ancient art of stained glass with cutting edge technology to produce a transformative window wall. It gathers energy from sunlight in a visible and interactive way – as solar energy is gathered a glass spiral located in the stairwell is illuminated. SPOT, Sarah Hall SPOT, Sarah Hall

Photographers : Christof Erban, Matthew Lavoie, Peter Kaufmann.
Photos with courtesy of Sarah Hall Studio


Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall is internationally recognized for her large-scale art glass installations and solar projects. Following her studies in Architectural Glass at Swansea College of Art in Wales and a subsequent apprenticeship with Lawrence Lee, master of Glass at Royal College of Art in London, Sarah established her studio in Toronto in 1980. Since then she has created hundreds of architectural glass projects in a wide variety of buildings throughout North America and Europe. Sarah’s exceptional contributions to the built environment have been honoured by both the Ontario Association of Architects (Allied Arts Award) and The American Institute of Architects. In 2002 she was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art.