Raphaël Domjan

Raphaël Domjan

Eco-explorer and lecturer

Raphaël Domjan has solid experience in the field of organising eco-adventures and in ground-breaking ambitious projects.


Raphaël Domjan has initiated, supported and achieved the first round the world trip on board of the PlanetSolar. Prior to this, he was already inspired by renewable energy. In particular, he developed the first solar-powered hosting site, HoruSolar.


Raphaël Domjan values experimental ecology and is building these projects around this practical philosophy. He favors the use of existing commercial renewable technologies which he pushes to their extreme boundaries. These technologies and materials (solar panels, batteries, etc…) are implemented in a smart way with engineers to create vehicles he has imagined to complete his adventures around the world.



Raphaël Domjan

Raphaël Domjan is an eco-adventurer and a lecturer. He has completed several adventures around the world using the energy of the sun.  He will be the pilot of the plane “SolarStratos” which he will push, together with his team, to its utter limits in order to prove that the renewable energies have incredible capacities and will enable us to preserve our planet.